Monday, February 18, 2013

Video and coontz

After watching the first half of the film which covers capitalism in our society today, he explained why our country is in this economic mess and how it will not be shorty lived.  I am now aware it of how big of an issue this really is.  I don't pay enough attention to politics and news as much as I should, I do know that in this term we are about ten billion dollars more in debt then we already were, which is obviously a huge issue. Now after hearing this speaker and seeing how serious he was to get his point across, I am more aware of this is a problem and that is not going to be easily fixed.  He gives history of the economic up and downs in this country and how the working class has been a  huge part of it.  He also explains that this recent problem has been caused by multiple mistakes made from the government, banks, and spending problems of people in America, without settin blame on one thing. 

In Coontz's article she also speaks of the econonmic up and downs, and the different classes here in america.  Coontz speaks about how important it is for the American family to be independent.  She explains a myth that most people like to think they have made it to where they are on their own. She sees that without this government assistance it would be very hard for the working/middle class to live comfortably without it.  For example, loans for a middle class man to be a homeowner.  

Each speak of the money spent by the government and how it is unevenly disributed. Overall I see a never ending  cycle. I see that without government assistance we will never be able to get ahead. But the more we use this assistance, the worst the economy gets.  

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